Your Source for American-Made Glass Art

Established in 2011, FoCo Funktional is a boutique glass art distributing company based in Colorado that offers a wide variety of interesting and functional designs. Our company was established by glassblowers with the goal of promoting our talented local artists. We want to showcase their work so that they are always inspired to create one-of-a-kind glass pieces that you’ll surely love.

We distribute our glass art to customers and retail stores across the United States. If you are interested in selling our glass products, please check our membership application guidelines.

Every product we carry is made of the finest glass and handcrafted to perfection. Our shop features some of our most prominent and popular pieces, as well as many distinctive creations.

We want to constantly offer you a diverse selection of attractive glass pieces for your use and enjoyment. New items are continuously added to our inventory, so we encourage you to visit our website on a regular basis. If you are searching for rare pieces, allow us to connect you with an artist of a specific type of glass art.