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Glitter Sparkle Snow Globe Glass Pipe

Glitter and water inside these pipes make them move like a snow globe!  So fun to use!



Glitter and Sparkly pipes that move like a snow globe! Show off your sparkle with these liquid-filled glitter pieces!  So beautiful to look at and fun to use.

The pipes are about five inches long and the mini pipes are about 3.5 inches long.  Currently hot pink or purple are available, so add a note for your preference.

We recommend putting these ONLY in the refrigerator if you want a cooooooool smoke, not the freezer.  Because they have water enclosed inside them with the glitter, putting them in the freezer will definitely cause them to break, but the refrigerator will work fine!

These have been a favorite for years!  Grab one before they’re gone.


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Hand Pipe, Chillum, Stash Jar, Mini Pipe


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