Mystix WizArt Wand


Beautiful Mystix WizArt Wand for your positive energy enhancement.

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Enjoy the extra boost your vibes will get from this beautiful blown-glass Mystix WizArt Wand. Made from borosillicate glass, this wand is annealed for durability and strength. Inspired by the mystical wands my daughter has made for me, this wand is made in my favorite medium, blown glass. It’s smooth surface feels exquisite on your fingers as you coax positive vibes in your desired direction. The beautiful beads and leather wrap add further positive energy to your thoughts. Place your thumb on the bent part of the handle for further connection. Mostly, enjoy it for it’s beauty and energy. You’ll love having this wand in your collection.

You will receive this exact wand which is 8 inches long. It is an original piece and there is only one like it.

Made in Fort Collins, Colorado.


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